ARCHA Laboratories, s.r.l. is a private research institution mainly dealing with applied research and industrial development in the fields of industrial and environmental chemistry and biology, materials science and technology, aiming at developing and optimizing new processes and products. The biomedical sector is one of the most important fields for ARCHA which, in recent years, has conducted 6 R&D projects in this field, which have led to the registration of patents by ARCHA as well as by external partners having included ARCHA among the inventors.

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Role of ARCHA in the project INGENE

Within the INGENE project, ARCHA Laboratories will collaborate on the development and validation of the innovative wearable system AUTOMA, which evaluates motor activity and muscle strength, based on a wearable system for monitoring upper limbs’ movements (MARSUPIO™) developed and patented by ARCHA.

Profile of staff engaged in the project

Francesca Gambineri Francesca Gambineri Industrial Chemist - Research Area Manager for ARCHA Laboratories. She has over 15 years of experience in conducting and coordinating national and international research projects. Within InGene, she will coordinate the research activities of ARCHA.

Lamberto Cursi Lamberto Cursi  Cursi Chemist - Researcher. He has over 10 years’ experience in conducting research projects. In the InGene project, he will be in charge for ARCHA technical activities.