Pisa University Hospital

The A.O.U.P. is a hospital integrated with the University of Pisa. The company's mission is to help ensure the highest possible levels of health: ensuring the centrality of the patient and ensuring attention to the service intended as an added value of the technical-professional component and an integral and substantial part of the service itself; guaranteeing patients and their families listening, information and comfort in respect of their feelings; enhancing and integrating skills, developing technical-professional, organizational and managerial knowledge and skills; promoting the development of horizontal organization and processes and the enhancement and management of care and clinical pathways. The A.O.U.P. it assumes the configuration of a structural element both of the health system of the Tuscany Region and of the university system, of which it shares the didactic and research purposes. The A.O.U.P. it is characterized by the unified and coordinated performance of the assistance functions and, although strictly integrated, of the didactic and research functions.

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Gabriele Siciliano Gabriele Siciliano