The project aims at developing a system that allows to make an early diagnosis of neuro-muscular diseases in adults and children through the integration of clinical, instrumental and genetic information. The knowledge necessary for the development of this system has been found joining local research organizations and SMEs in a single consortium.

The Institute of Clinical Physiology has a wide experience in the clinical research within the biomedical field and owns the necessary know-how for the realization of an information system that allows integrating and elaborating information from several different sources.
The Stella Maris Foundation carries out an intensive study and research activity in the field of neurological and neuromuscular diseases, with a particular attention to the impact such diseases have on the social life of children and adolescents.
The Biorobotics Institute of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies develops, through engineering, mechatronics and robotics, machines and advanced intelligent systems applied to the field of neurorehabilitation.
The core business of the ARCHA Laboratories includes applied research and industrial development within the fields of chemistry, industrial and environmental biology, materials science and technology, aimed at developing and optimizing innovative projects and products.
ADATEC develops and realizes electronic devices and software tools. The mission of ADATEC is based on a direct collaboration and interaction with the customer to conceive, design and manufacture electronic systems related to sensors and micro-controllers.
SmartSource is a company with twenty years of experience in the marketing and distribution of biomedical products on a national scale. Currently, the company has fruitful collaborations with institutions from the EU, UK and Scandinavian countries. Kode, Tigem and the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Modena - Reggio Emilia will also contribute to the project aims’ achievement.